9 thoughts on “Testimonial

  1. Collins

    I have so many positive things to say about our experience with them. First, their professionalism was top-notch. They showed up dressed nicely (No jeans, or T-shirts) and were extremely polite to our friends and family.

    Second, we wanted a photographer and videographer that would be into our poses,and moments, I must say they met out expectations, was very attentive, and very attention to detail from start to finish.

    Lastly, their passion for the ART of photography & videography, and capturing those little moments you hope you will be able to remember for years to come is totally unmatched! Througout the entire process, they was extremely helpful, understanding and very responsive.

    The sneak peak of our highlights tells it all…… Thanks guys for giving my family and I memories that’ll last a lifetime! Definitely deserves five stars! * * * * *

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  2. Tiffiney Toombs

    I can not say enough about Emile and his staff. He is highly recommended by this couple and you will not have one regret either. Emile is professional, humble, respectful and patient. The value and quality of service is worth it all. His flexibility is something my now husband and I can appreciate as we were always late for every appointment we had with him (so sorry), yet in the end, it always amounted to a masterpiece. Yet another vendor we are so blessed to have had on our team. Thank you again. -Mr. and Mrs. Toombs

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  3. Rose Louis

    I was extremely impressed with Emile Productions. He was referred to me by my wedding photographer Khorey Fulton, and together the two company did an amazing job at my wedding. Emilie was extremely professional, both him and his staff were well dressed. One of the important things that mattered to me was how the company knew to stay out of your way. Emile Productions knew exactly where to stand to film and not cause anyone an inconvience or a distraction. He captures every moment. I highly recommend this company you will not regret it. His work defiantly speaks for itself. He will get the job done, the way you want it.

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  4. Fednel & Marie Leveille

    Emile production did an amazing job on our wedding video!!!!! We love love love it !!!!! Thank you guys so much for making it fun and comfortable for me ( a person who doesn’t like the camera lol) ! I pray that God continue to bless you with much more success ! Your skills are a blessing ! Thank you for capturing my big day !

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  5. Kolei mckinney

    The best to ever do it! Greatest work I have seen in a long time! Especially with the hype videos! I was ready to see the wedding agent that. You all did a wonderful job!! Can not thank you all enough!! Keep it up! Any people need someone to come film and take pictures you guys are number 1 to be contacted!

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